30 Incredible Places To Put on Your Bucket List

At this time of the year,I always like to reflect back to all the memories and places i’ve traveled to in the past year and think about the experiences i’ve gain.As well as i will like to refresh my bucket list with new destinations for the year and upcoming year.It’s so fun!But gosh the list gets longer and longer!Where are you planning to go in 2020?Well,to help you get some inspirations,let me share with you all the places that are on my bucket list as well as some of my favorite places in the world that i’ve visited.Instead of widely famous Eiffel Towel and the great wall,I love discovering cool offbeat places that less people know about.See how many of these magical places do you know!

Giraffe Manor,Kenya

Did you know there is a hotel in Nairobi,Kenya where wild giraffes come visit in the morning and have breakfast with you?The first time i saw a photo of this place on instagram my jaw dropped.

Chefchaouen Blue village morocco

A tucked away gem in the northwest of morocco,this little mountain village is all blue!it looks completely like a dream!

Vaadhoo Island ,Maldives

I am 100 percent certain that fairies live here!This beach on Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives is gorgeous during the day but becomes an even more mystical place at night time.It literally looks like a sea of stars!Unbelievable!


Can i still travel during the Coronavirus crisis?

Can i still travel during the coronavirus crisis?

Coronavirus is having a Bigger Impact on Global Airline more than 9/11,Analyst Says,

Nigerian travellers are wondering if they can still travel during the coronavirus crisis

As the pandemic escalates across the world, airlines are grounding flights and countries are closing their borders,forcing Nigerian holidaymakers to reconsider their holiday plans. For those who still wish to travel in the months ahead, a package holiday could be the safest option.  



Should you postpone or cancel travel because of coronavirus?

Yes and no. But mostly yes.

For some destinations, the answer is clear: Don’t go. Fewer and fewer destinations are a no. Postponing nonessential travel seems to be a prudent flight plan right now, and one way public health officials think the spread of coronavirus can be slowed.

For those looking to book holidays to destinations that haven’t been affected,We’re monitoring things closely and our highly experienced teams are in contact with airline authorities and government agencies around the world to ensure we are following all the very latest advice.We would never operate a holiday unless it was safe to do so and if travel restrictions are implemented to the destination you’re travelling to, rest assured most airline will offer you a free amendment or a full refund.’ 

‘Given the extraordinary volume of enquiries, and the rapidly changing situation, the best course of action for travellers with future bookings is to read advice for the destination they are travelling to, and wait for their travel provider to contact them if the situation changes in regards to their booking,’ 

Is it safer to book a package holiday right now?

Booking a package protects you if your holiday is cancelled because travel restrictions are introduced at the destination, or if the airline or travel agent goes bust.  

‘In either of these circumstances, you’ll get a refund or the chance to rebook if you’ve yet to travel, or if you’re already on holiday the travel agent or government will get you home. 

Which holiday destinations should I visit?


 I will advice  travellers to avoid anywhere that requires a visa for now as some countries have introduced sudden changes to visa requirements.Such as China ,Italy ,IranSsouthkorea,Japan,Switzerland,Norway,United kingdom,United state of America.

Some Absolutes

First, if you’re sick, don’t travel. This rule applies all the time, but people routinely ignore it. Don’t do that in this climate unless you want to end up quarantined.

Some countries are or will be scanning passengers for increased body temperature. If you have a fever, you may be detained. Further, airline crews—not to mention passengers—are on heightened alert for anyone sneezing or coughing. In the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended flight crews isolate ill passengers. And it’s not negotiable: On an airplane, failure to comply with crew orders is a federal crime.Take extra supplies of your medications with you. Take a supply of cold medicine and a thermometer. You might want to take work materials with you that you need after your return in case you end up stuck somewhere. Make sure you have health insurance documentation in case you end up sick. And have someone back home at the ready to help with emergency travel plans if you need to find a way home quickly. A travel agent may be a very good idea.

Is it safe to book holidays for later this year? What can I do to further protect myself?

‘I still am, but take a couple of precautions,’Whether you book a package or not you’ll need travel insurance. It’s true some insurers have withdrawn from the market or included coronavirus exclusions in policies, but it’s still possible to get the cover you need.. 

When should I be thinking of travelling?


There is no right or wrong answer to this at the moment until we know more about airline schedules and how long travel restrictions will last 

 Given the extraordinary volume of enquiries, and the rapidly changing situation, the best course of action for travellers with future bookings is to read advice for the destination they are travelling to, and wait for their travel provider to contact them if the situation changes in regards to their booking,’ 


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