30 Incredible Places To Put on Your Bucket List

At this time of the year,I always like to reflect back to all the memories and places i’ve traveled to in the past year and think about the experiences i’ve gain.As well as i will like to refresh my bucket list with new destinations for the year and upcoming year.It’s so fun!But gosh the list gets longer and longer!Where are you planning to go in 2020?Well,to help you get some inspirations,let me share with you all the places that are on my bucket list as well as some of my favorite places in the world that i’ve visited.Instead of widely famous Eiffel Towel and the great wall,I love discovering cool offbeat places that less people know about.See how many of these magical places do you know!

Giraffe Manor,Kenya

Did you know there is a hotel in Nairobi,Kenya where wild giraffes come visit in the morning and have breakfast with you?The first time i saw a photo of this place on instagram my jaw dropped.

Chefchaouen Blue village morocco

A tucked away gem in the northwest of morocco,this little mountain village is all blue!it looks completely like a dream!

Vaadhoo Island ,Maldives

I am 100 percent certain that fairies live here!This beach on Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives is gorgeous during the day but becomes an even more mystical place at night time.It literally looks like a sea of stars!Unbelievable!

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